Kyjo's Japanese, Thai & Sushi

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Pork Egg Roll (2 Pcs)



Vegetable Spring Roll (2 Pcs)


House Salad

Ranch, ginger, shrimp sauce.


Miso Soup

Tofu and seaweed miso.


Onion Soup

Diced Onions, Sliced Mushrooms, Cilantro


Crab Rangoon

Crabmeat and cream cheese wonton Deep Fried


Chicken Wings (6 Pcs)


Chicken Wings And Fried Rice


Pork Dumpling (Fried)




Other House Specials

Shrimp Fried Rice

Peas, carrots and eggs


Chicken Fried Rice

Peas, carrots and eggs


Sesame Chicken

Broccoli and sesame seeds


Spicy Chicken

Chicken, vegetables and spicy sauce


Spicy Shrimp

Shrimp and vegetables with spicy sauce


Hibachi, Teriyaki Or Kyjos Flavor Combinations

Steak and Chicken Combination


Steak and Shrimp Combination


Shrimp and Chicken Combination


Chicken and Salmon Combination


Chicken and Scallop Combination


Steak and Salmon Combination


Shrimp and Salmon Combination


Steak and Scallop Combination


Shrimp and Scallop Combination


Scallop and Salmon Combination


Trio Combination

Steak, chicken and shrimp.


Seafood Combination

Shrimp, scallop and salmon.



All Entrees Comes With Your Choice Of White Rice, Fried Rice Or Noodles (1). Mixed Vegetables, and sweet carrots, and Shrimp Sauce Or Ginger Sauce

Hibachi Mixed Vegetables

With hibachi sauce.


Hibachi Tofu

Grilled tofu with hibachi sauce and Mixed Vegetables.


Hibachi Chicken

Grilled white meat with hibachi sauce and Mixed Vegerables


Kyjos Chicken

Grilled white meat with white garlic sauce.


Teriyaki Chicken

Grilled White Meat Chicken With Terayaki Sauce And Mixed Vegetables


Hibachi Steak

Grilled steak with hibachi sauce and miced vegetables


Teriyaki Steak

Grilled steak with teriyaki sauce and mixed vegetables


Kyjos Steak

Grilled steak with Hibachi Sauce And Mixed vegetables Drizzled With White Garlic Sauce


Hibachi Shrimp

Grilled shrimp with hibachi sauce and mixed vegetables


Teriyaki Shrimp

Grilled shrimp with terayaki sauce and miced vegetables


Kyjos Shrimp

Grilled with hubachi sauce and mixed vegetables drizzled with white garlic sauce


Hibachi Salmon

Grilled salmon with hibachi sauce and mixed vegetables


Teriyaki Salmon

Grilled salmon with terayaki sauce and mixed vegetables


Hibachi Scallop

Grilled scallop with hibachi sauce and mixed vegetables


Teriyaki Scallop

Grilled sweet teriyaki sauce.


Side Orders

Shrimp sauce not included.

Side of Hibachi Chicken


Side of Hibachi Steak


Side of Teriyaki Steak


Side of Salmon


Side of Mushroom


Side of Sweet Carrots


Side of Zucchini


Side of White Rice


Side of Mixed Vegetable


Side of Shrimp Sauce (4 Oz)


Side of Teriyaki Chicken


Side of Jumbo Shrimp


Side of Scallop


Side of Broccoli


Side of Onion


Side of Zucchini and Onion


Side of Fried Rice


Side of Noodles


Side Of Ginger Sauce (4Oz)



Unsweetened Iced Tea


Sweet Tea


Hot Tea


Diet Pepsi




Mountain Dew


Dr. Pepper


Sierra Mist


Pink Lemonade